The Ramsey 24 VDC REP 9000 Winch (includes 95 ft. of 5/16" galvanized aircraft cable with replaceable clevis hook) has all the dependability that off-road enthusiasts have come to expect from Ramsey Winch. The REP 9000 is built rugged and strong with 9,000 lb. line pull using Ramsey's proven and efficient three-stage planetary gear system.  


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Ramsey Winch offers trail-tough, field-proven Electric Planetary Winches for the consumer offroad and self-recovery markets in size ranges from 2,500 lbs. to 15,000. The high efficiency three-stage planetary gear set conserves motor energy and reduces motor strain. Many models feature a high-torque 12 and 24 V DC series wound electric reversible motor for increased pulling power. Our Electric Planetary Winches are available in configurations with solenoid over drum or as "Profile Design" which allows the winch to be installed in tighter spaces with a remotely mounted solenoid pack. As a safety feature for the operator, the brake will automatically engage when the solenoid is inactive. Optional wireless remote operation saves time and allows the operator to monitor the recovery or winching operation from a different perspective.

Ramsey Winch: Head For Adventure

Our winches feature:

  • Motor and solenoids grounded directly to battery
  • Automatic load-holding brakes for strength and reliability
  • Cam action clutch disengages planetary gear system for free spooling on most models. The Ramsey Winch Patriot 15,000 features a spring-loaded pull and rotate clutch design. The Ramsey Winch Patriot 9500UT is equipped with a convenient, time-saving patent-pending semi-automatic clutch.
  • Winches feature either a 12 ft. wire pendant remote or the patent-pending wireless remote. Badger series winches are available with an easy-to-operate motor control switch or 12 ft. wire pendant remote.
  • 4-way roller fairleads or hawse fairleads available
  • Accessories including up to 50 ft. wire pendant remotes, heavy-duty remotes, clevis hooks, mounting channels, safety switches, winch covers, wiring kits, grill/brush guards and bumpers available
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • "Cam action clutch disengages planetary gear system for free spooling
  • Proven 3-stage planetary gear system design for fast line speed
  • Motor and solenoids are grounded directly to battery
  • Strong automatic load-holding brake for strength
  • Weather resistant solenoid assembly
  • 12 Ft. wire pendant remote
  • 6 ft. (1,83 M) 2 gauge battery


  • Off-Road
  • Specialty Vehicle

Rated line pull and line speed is based on the first layer of cable.

Rated Line Pull 9,000 Lbs / 4,070 Kg
Gear Reduction  
Weight w/o Cable 92 Lbs / 42 Kg
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 22.65 x 6.12 x 6.38 In / 575.0 x 156.0 x 162.0 MM
Brake Yes
Cable Cable
Drum Size (L x F x B) 9.00 x ___ x 2.50 In / 228.6 x ___ x 63.5 MM
Cable Capacity 95.0 Ft / 28.0 M
Recommended Cable Size 5/16 In / 8.0 MM
1st Layer Line Speed 25 Ft/Min / 7.6 M/Min
Motor Output 2.5 HP
Motor Type Series Wound
Voltage 24V
Fairlead Roller
Clutch Type Cam Action
Clutch Control Manual

Winches, capstans and hoists are not intended to be used for lifting or moving of persons.

The last 5 wraps of cable must be left on the drum to assist the cable clamp in holding the load.